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Dj Kumar is a DJ from the Netherlands. Being born in Kandy, one of the largest cities in Sri Lanka, Kumar has not been a regular Dutch boy since his adoption at the age of three weeks. Kumar grew up in a relatively large city in the Netherlands, called Zoetermeer. However, due to his visual limitations Kumar went to a special school for visually handicapped people in Rotterdam. It is because of this that his first official performance, at the age of fourteen, was in Rotterdam at a school party in 2005. He enjoyed mixing as well as amusing the crowd so much that he has never stopped mixing ever since. The school party was the start of a deejay-career, which has led Kumar to many places all over the Netherlands, as well as some parties in France. The fact that Kumar is visually handicapped in combination with his good deejay-skills, led to a performance together with the highly respected DJ Chuckie. Mixing music is Kumar's favourite activity. He loves music and everything that has got any connection with it. Kumar’s mix style is best described as open format / eclectic. One of his mashups even made it to the Dutch national radio. When Kumar was asked what he loved the most of mixing music, he replied by saying that he loves "to notice people going wild on my music."